Enso Naturals Update!

Well Enso Naturals has released an official statement via the company's FaceBook page regarding the recent events. In a letter to customers they explain that their email system was hacked and they are in no way affiliated with Nikole Crowe aka Moptop Maven. The owner, Dee Cole goes on to explain why her physical identity must remain private.
Moptop Maven later took to Twitter explaining that Enso Naturals is not her project.
So there you have it folks. Whether you believe it or not is up to you. Just passing along the details!


  1. SO I goggled MTM and Enso and your blog came up! LOL

    And about this whole scandal... sigh, who knows. I've sort of lost all my faith in people.

  2. Welcome Ivie! The situation has blown up bigger than it had to. Either party could have nipped it in the bud from the start.


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