Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea Line

I come to you from under the dryer. I may just die from heat stroke....but at least my bantu knot out will be on point. LOL no but it really is hot as hell under here!
I digress. I was sent the new Coconut Shea line from Eden BodyWorks today. It came right on time for my mid-week cowash. So I wasted no time putting the products to use.
I was pleasantly surprised by the All Natural Cleansing Cowash.  It had decent slip and produced a thick lather. I had no issue detangling with my comb, and my hair felt soft and supple after rinsing.

After that, I applied the All Natural Curl Defining Creme and began twisting and bantu knotting my hair. The product applied very easily, felt super moisturizing and left a great sheen on my hair.
I then applied some of the Control Edge Glaze to complete the bantu knot set.
This brings me to my current situation---they hooded dryer. So handy yet so....torturous!

There's no way my hair would dry in these knots before Saturday so, I do what I must.
I can't wait to see the results. Expect a full review in the coming weeks. Check out my Instagram for pics of the finished look.
**If you live in the DC area and are attending the "Style with Eden" event at the Mandarin Oriental hotel Thursday, May 16th I'll see you there :)


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