A Hairy Situation

Sooo here's a post on one of the not so glorious things about natural hair: hair balls!
I absolutely loathe seeing shed hair. It's just so gross to me. With that said, I have failed to find a tolerable method to err prevent my shed hair from clogging my drains.
My tub became clogged, and my handy maintenance man discovered...this!

Seriously?! A hair ball larger than my fist was inhabiting my drain. Honestly I was shocked (and disgusted.)
I wouldn't normally post something like this, but I figured it could serve as a warning.
I detangle in the shower but figured most of my hair was caught in my comb. I was clearly wrong.
Now many of you probably already have drain covers to capture your shed hair. Or if you're like me and can't stand the sight of it, buy a Zip It! It basically goes down the drain and grabs all the hair.


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