Ugh So Disappointed

Soo...this was supposed to be a post that included a video on how I achieved my awesome glamorous roller set.
After watching numerous YouTube videos and blog tutorials I just knew I was prepared. I was so wrong. I mean I was dang near in tears trying to get those dang rollers to stay tight lol.
Hence the reason for no photographic evidence :(
I bought mesh rollers and roller pins to secure them. Yea those roller pins were kinda pointless! I couldn't figure out how to stick them in without puncturing my scalp.
Needless to say it was a hot mess.
When I took them out my hair was stretched so I decided to do a twist and curl.

As a natural you have to know how to roll with the punches!
I plan to extend the twist & curl for the entire week so I can get big fluffy hair :)
As for roller setting...I'm willing to give it another go once I get some clips to secure the rollers. Those pins are the devil.
*You can check out my take on CurlyNikki's Twist & Curl here*


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