I Straigtened My Hair

I needed a trim desperately. Single strand knots were ruining my life. On an impulse and out of frustration I decided to straighten and trim my hair around 5pm yesterday. Bad idea. I had to rush the process which still ended up taking about 4 hours! I don't see how other naturals straighten so frequently.
I ended up losing about 1/2 inch on average all around. The knots were insane. Wash and gos are the culprit as well as sleeping with my hair loose. I know these are no nos but I guess I'm somewhat of a rebel!

I didn't get through the process unscathed. Thickums fought back and I ended up snipping through my palm with the shears ;(
LOL imagine trying to straighten your hair with blood dripping down your arm. Yea...I didn't do that but it did slow me down quite a bit lol.

*cue fake smile*
In the end, I hate it. Bleh! I want my curls back!!
I'm on a serious mission now. No more being mean to my hair!!!


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