Back to Black

Notice anything different? Yep. My hair is black. Simply put: I got sick of the red. I think I have commitment problems lol. I should've known better. I can't stick with anything too long. I just got bored with it. Some days I loved it, other days I hated it. So little impulsive me...dyed it black.
My fun with color is over. It will probably be black for as long as this here blog exists.

I'm happy with it...for now.


  1. Loves it! I recently went back to black myself, but used a semi-permanent dye. What did you use? I miss having black hair, I feel like my hair looked better :-/

  2. I've been wanting to go back black after ending up with a horrible reddish brownish color in addition to the orange tent left by henna!!!! What brand/color did you use, and how many tubes were used???


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