Twisted Sista With A Twist & Curl

I'm still on my mission to perfect Curly Nikki's "Twist & Curl." 

I gave it another go this week with new products and a slightly different technique.

This is what I started with. Yes my hair was a mess. A hot hot kinky mess. Detangling was not fun, but a natural's gotta do what a natural's gotta do.

I washed, and conditioned with Twisted Sista de-frizz shampoo and conditioner. 
I let my hair air dry overnight in 4 big twists. I was too tired to do anything else that day.

So the next day I spritzed my hair with the Twisted Sista 30 second Curl Spray. Yea the bottle was pretty much done! I went to town with this stuff on my mini twists lol. I ended up having to use water when I ran out. Sad times.
I then applied the Twisted Sista Curl Activator to each section and began twisting. 

I stopped about 2 inches from the end and then twirled my hair around the rod. I used a bunch of different sizes because that's what I have. 

The next morning I looked like someone's granny. Ahh shrinkage! I will never learn to love it. I don't care what anyone says, shrinkage is the devil!!

It was kinda cute when I shook it out though. Ha ha!

I used the Twisted Sista frizz serum to stop the fuzzies in their tracks.
Me likey!

I repeated the process last night and I like day 2 even better! My hair was a bit more stretch and seemingly more defined.
What ya think? 

*I was sent the Twisted Sista products to review, however I was not paid and all opinions are truthful and my own*

full review on the products will be up this weekend! :)


  1. I wonder if this will work for my hair...hmmm

  2. What works for me is only twisting the ends...about an inch around small perm the rods. I don't roll all the way up because shrinkage is real! Hate it. The twist set themselves.


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