Twisted Sista Review

Sooo when I said I was going to post this review over the weekend, clearly that meant Wednesday :)
Without further adieu here we go...
Twisted Sista De-frizz shampoo: 
Claims: Gently cleanses hair without drying, smoothing away frizz and leaving hair soft, silky and static free.
Normal consistency, great foaming and a little goes a long way. It left my hair and scalp feeling squeaky clean but not stripped. I noticed my hair did feel smoother after using it.

Twisted Sista De-frizz conditioner: 
Claims: Detangles, calms, soothes, conditions, leaving the hair ready to style-minus the frizz.
I used this immediately after the shampoo and detangled in sections. It didn't do anything special for me. Took a little longer to detangle because it doesn't have a lot of slip. 

The consistency is fairly thick but it spreads easily and absorbs into the hair fairly fast. I actually prefer it as a leave in conditioner :)

Twisted Sista Curl Activator: 
Claims: Puts the life back into tired, saggy curls. Delivering volume, bounce and curl definition to naturally curly, afro or permed hair.
Ok, I really didn't have my hopes up for this one because my hair is crazy and just cannot be tamed. Gels are the only products that enhance my natural curl pattern. 

This product is creamy and pretty much just sat on my hair. If your hair is into creamy products this might be for you. As an added bonus it contains a UV filter to protect your hair from the sun and antioxidants.

Twisted Sista 30 second Curl Spray: 
Claims: Revitalizes curls instantly.
Yes ma'am. I'd have to agree. This product was a winner for me. Very moisturizing spritz and it added shine to my tresses. It's the perfect curl re-fresher, and it smells amazing! Actually all of the products smell great. The scent is hard to describe but I like it. My only gripe is that the bottle is so small. Ya'll know I love my big bottles :D I went through that 5.07oz bottle in 2 weeks! The UV filter and antioxidants are also featured in this product. Sun damage is real!
Twisted Sista Different Strokes Serum: 
Claims: Instantly eliminates frizz for both straight and curly hairstyles.
Does a great job of taming the frizz. Adds great shine as well. I used this on my hair both curly and straight.
Twisted Sista Blow Drying Creme: 
Claims: Reduces blow drying time, protects hair from heat styling, hydrates hair and adds shine, adds volume, contains UV filter.
I really like this! Not sure why it's called a creme, it looks more like a gel to me. I digress! I used it when I was blow drying my hair straight and it definitely sped up the process. My hair dried faster and got straighter than it would without product.

***I was sent the Twisted Sista products for review. I was not paid and the opinions are my own***


  1. This so works i love my curls since using it

  2. just tried the different strokes serum and the frizz started forming almost immediately! where did I go wrong?!

  3. I bought these products way before visiting this blog and I love the spritz! the curl-creme IS good too for my hair at least, but the spray is better, you can literally see the curls takin gits shape instantly, i usually use these products after I was my hai rbut you ca use them when your hair is dry as well. i dont really like the smell but it works good for me

  4. by the way you look like the girl on the bottle with the afro, thats why i visited this blog lol

  5. Hi does any1 no if this is good for a 2year old natural curly hair bought some 2day n not sure to use it or not if not does any1 no best thing to use on there hair Tia x

  6. I used the curl activator for the first time this past Sunday and let me tell you...First I brushed the activator through my hair and sectioned it off in big twist. Then I went back and unraveled the twist and styled it the way I wanted it. At first, I thought the activator would lay on my hair and become a crust in the morning...but I was WRONG! NO CRUST. Took my twist out and it was like MAGIC. I had nice curly hair.

  7. Hi everyone:-) the twisted sista 30 second spray, made my hair straight and filled the cuticle with lots of moisture.


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