Elasta QB Olive Olive Oil & Mango Butter Moisturizer

Why did I ever give this stuff up?! I used this daily the first 6 months of my natural hair journey.
Aside from smelling amazing, this stuff leaves my hair super soft and moisturized.

I twisted my hair with it tonight and I already know my twist out is going to be the bomb dot com tomorrow.
I unraveled one for a sneak peek :)

I think I got so caught up on trying new products as a natural newbie that I actually tossed something that works!
By the way...it's also a great alternative to gel for taming unruly edges!


  1. I needed this, I've been trying to find a basic BSS butter.

  2. I need to order me some. I love the sheen it gives on your hair. Looks so moisturizing & healthy!

  3. That product right there is the truth! I had given up when I went natural but when I restarted using it it was love. Great on twistouts.

  4. I used to LOVE this stuff when I was transitioning, but my natural hair doesn't like the cones :(



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