Stylist Spotlight: Nadia Vassell

Happy New Year everyone! I recently interviewed NYC based hair stylist and salon owner Nadia Vassell about caring for natural hair.
Her work can be seen on numerous celebrities an in major publications including Essence, Black Sophisticate, and Uptown Magazine among others.

GlamSwagger: A lot of naturals take the DIY approach to hair care, what services do you recommend heading to the salon for?

Nadia: Natural hair is the new trend from major product companies formulating products the combat the concerns of the naturalistas. The services I recommend for naturalistas when visiting the salon are haircuts/trims and hair color services.
GlamSwagger Reader Submitted Question: "I want to color my hair, but I'm afraid of damaging my virgin strands, any advice on keeping hair healthy after it's been color treated?"
Nadia: One of the concerns of many is maintaining healthy hair after it has been colored. Natural hair tends to get dry and brittle, especially when you add a chemical service to the mix. Moisturize and condition the hair regularly. Follow the recommendations of your hairstylist. The less processed your hair, the healthier it is. Below are some of my favorite products for achieving and maintaining healthy hair:

Mizani Moisturefuse

Pantene Daily Oil Cream Moisturizer (From the Relaxed and Natural line)

Karen’s Body Beautiful- Complete Hair Conditioner and Hair Nectar leave-in conditioner.

GlamSwagger: Any tips on protecting the hair during the cold winter months?
Nadia: Try a dry shampoo, wear hats that are the right size, use cool or warm water when shampooing hair. Use a daily moisturizer and each time you shampoo, and apply leave-in conditioner.

GlamSwagger: How often do you recommend trimming the hair?
Nadia: Depending on the condition of your hair I recommend trimming the hair every 4-8 weeks.

For more information, feel free to check out her website!


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