Mini Twists Are Back!

I've had them in for a week now, and the break is much appreciated. I plan to keep them in for at least another week and I may re-install them after that. I didn't do them as small as I usually do so it only took about 5 hours compared to the usual 15. My arms thanked me.
Here are a few styles I did this week!
I call this style the "Roll & Rock" tutorial coming soon!
Simple bun
My favorite style this week! Hanging flat twist w/ side bun

This is what I've been using to moisturize my twists. It's hands down the best curl refresher I've tried!
A full review on the 30 second curl spray and a few other Twisted Sista products is coming soon. 

Also, look out for the tutorial on the "Roll & Rock" style! That should be up later this week :)


  1. Twists are lookin' good, girl!! I'll have to try that spray :)

  2. Your twists look so moisturized and juicy lol! Love the styles you rock too!

  3. Your mini twists are killing it. I love the style in the picture with the white tank! Can't wait for your product review on this!

  4. I love your mini twists! I just did a set last night (it took 3 hours) and I am searching for styles. I really like the Roll & Rock style. Do you have a video? I couldn't find it in your recent posts.


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