Coarse Dame Crochet

The cold Winter months are quickly approaching :( While I'm not a fan of the frosty temps there are a few things I love about the season.
Scarves, hats, and boots!
My girl CoarseDame has us covered on a least two of those things. She is a crochet artist and handmakes hats, gloves, scarves, earrings and even headbands!! I remember seeing some items she posted on Twitter and thinking "oh how cute!"

I remember this adorable sock monkey hat in particular that she made for her *then* unborn daughter.
After many failed attempts at teaching myself how to crochet, I'm just gonna leave it to the pros for now.
Here are a few items she has available for purchase.

If you see something you like but want a different color, she's able to do that as well with the turn around time being about a week.
Check out the site and if you see anything you like, take 15% off using my promo code: GlamSwagger
There's also a free shipping sale going on Black Friday.
Her prices are very affordable, you can't beat this deal for something one of a kind handmade!


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