Miss Me Much?!

I am a procrastinator. I think about blogging everyday and I put it off until later and later never happens! I'm on a new shift at work and so I really have to put myself on a schedule now.
Anyway! How have you guys been? I took my sew in out as you can see from the pic above. My hair is at an awkward length right now and needs to be cut/shaped badly! All my styles just look "off."
So I decided to weave it back up again! I needed something super low maintenance so I opted for straight hair.

I'm so happy I don't have to wet/fuss with my hair at 4a.m. anymore (yes you read that correctly! I'm yawning just typing it.) Also, wetting my hair every morning is a no-go. It's 30 degrees and snowing already! So it'll be straight for awhile. I want to try senagalese twists next but my last attempt was a #fail lol I'll figure it out soon.
Oh! I celebrated my birthday this week too. Team Scorpio! I pranced around in sequins and a tutu with polka dot tights. It was awesome. Here are the "Crunkcakes" my friend bought me. So yummy and buzz inducing!


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