Bored with Protective Styling?

Who says protective styles have to be boring?! I started out wanting to do a twisted frohawk but got tired aka frustrated halfway though. I'm not the best at flat twisting so attempting that on my thick hair became more of a hassle than I was prepared for.
In typical GlamSwagger fashion I made it work :)
Here are 8 styles I achieved with the results!

(ends bobby-pinned under)


  1. I love your PS styles. I cant wait until my hair is longer.

  2. Totally inspired!!! My hair is still somewhat short but i can add some Marly braiding hair and make it work!!! Yes ma’am!

  3. You should make a video tutorial on this style!!! It's super cute. I haven't seen you on Youtube in a minute, come back

  4. I LOVE this style! Beautiful.


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