My #Naturalhair and Its Latest Victims

Reason #26674848 why I can't get down with the Tangle Teezer.

Um? This. Is. Not. Okay! Lil sucka just snapped open while I was combing my hair.
I tried to give it another go and now I'm officially done. Broken hair, bent teeth and splits sealed its fate. I noticed mid-shaft splits and I never had that problem before this beast touched my hair.
If it works for you, great! I'm not a fan though. Okay I admit it was excellent for smoothing my hair down for slick buns but the negative is outweighing the bad here.
Besides the Tangle Teezer, "Thickums" claimed yet another victim! This one I'm quite sad about.

That would be the comb attachment to my blowdryer. Sad times.
I guess my hair is just trying to protect itself from damage lol.
You win Thickums. Game over.


  1. Hi twitter friend! Dropping in to say that I Love the site! Keep it up!

    Charli. :)


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