Protective Style-Micro Twists

15 hours!! I can only do this style when I have at least a day to set aside.
Honestly it wasn't that bad. I never got tired and kept myself entertained with a Harry Potter marathon ;)

My hair was air dried in big twists before I started. Actually, it was still damp a day later so I lightly blow-dried each section with my comb attachment for about 15 seconds.
Afterwards I used Oyin whipped pudding and Afiya healthy hair butter for the micro twists.
The whipped pudding is a thick cream and the Afiya butter is whipped and fluffy. Both are made from shea butter.
These butters are great for twists and they smell great!
I also received compliments on how soft and silky my twists were so I guess it's great for that too!

At night I pull my twists into a ponytail and use a scarf to keep my edges from getting fuzzy.
I moisturize with water and a little coconut oil to lock it in.


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