Wash & Go w/ Olive Oil EcoStyler gel

Yes, the curls are back! Yay for no heat damage lol
Now if you've been following my blog for awhile you know I don't do wash and gos! I get an insane amount of single strand knots when my hair dries loose.
But for some reason I've had an insane desire to do a wash and go.
So that's what I did.
Now I wanted to buy a jar of kinky curly curling custard, but I decided to just use my ecostyler instead. I'm saving my pennies y'all.
Anywho...I rinsed my hair, applied a little pumpkin conditioner and then raked the gel through my hair taking small sections at a time. I put clips on the ends of my hair to keep them weighed down. (and hopefully prevent knots)
It took me about 30 mins and I was pleased with the results...initially.

My hair is crunchy ;(
Maybe I needed to apply a leave in or oil?
I might just suck it up and buy the kinky curly :/


  1. I keep hearing about this eco-style gel and I am convinced finally I have got to try it. Because I have 10 different textures of hair my wash and gos have not been successful. maybee this is the solution to my problem.
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  2. I've used both Eco Styler gel (the clear one/clear jar) and Kinky Curly Curling Custard for wash and go's. For me, both had a similar result. To reduce/eliminate the hardness (or crunch) I apply a light oil like jojoba oil when I am done. It seems to give it a softer feel once it has air-dried. I also know some people have used a light oil UNDER the gel, too.

  3. Thanks Keeta! I'm going to rinse and try that tonight.


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