Tangle Teezer vs. Ouidad Detangling Comb

I gave in to the Tangle Teezer hype and had to give it a try. The Ouidad double detangling comb has been my go to for the last few months and I was quite pleased.
I bought the Tangle Teezer solely for curl definition, but I figured I'd try it out as a Detangler as well.

All started well...but the process became very tedious! My Ouidad is better at handling bigger sections and takes way less time. My hair is very thick and dense so i wasn't too enthused with how long the tangle teezer took to detangle.
I think if I wasn't spoiled by my Ouidad I might have been really excited. Needless to say, I did half my head with the TT and the rest with my Ouidad.
I'm not going to completely bash the tangle teezer because you know what? I may just be able to get rid of my bristle brush.
Check out my bun!

Look how smooth it is! Waves on swim! LOL. I've never ever been able to slick my hair back this well! Very excited about this.
In all...I do believe the tangle teezer is a great tool. For me it's not a detangling tool, but a curl definer and smoother.
I highly recommend it for tender headed children (and adults like myself).
You can pick it up for $9.99 at Sally's


  1. I'm going to have to get both of those Hair Apparatuses. Is that even a word?!?! Only me. Thank you for the write-up about them both.

    PS - where did you purchase the one you love so much??

  2. WOW your hair looks good and I might need those myself =)

  3. Oooh! I never thought to use it this way. I'll try it before I chuck mine. Your hair is gorgeous!


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