Review: Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie

I have been dying to try this product since the line came to Target. A styler for thick curly hair? Yep I fit the bill!

I actually got this on Black Friday from a fellow blogger selling unwanted products. So I got it for about $5 and I was too excited.
So today I washed and deep conditioned my hair in big twists and left them in while rinsing the conditioner out.

(if you have thick hair or if you're planning to grow your hair long I suggest this method! No tangles)
I wanted to style my hair in small twists so I just took each big twist and went from there.
I applied Giovanni Direct Leave In

(another product I'm trying out. I got this 2oz travel size for about $1.50 at Whole Foods)
I applied the leave in to the entire section then grabbed a smaller section to make a twist.
I applied the curl smoothie to each twist.
The product was very runny and literally just sat on my hair. It looked gross.

Im thinking maybe I should have applied it to an entire section rather than each twist.
Anyway! It eventually dried and my hair does feel really soft although slightly oily.
I had high hopes for this product. I mean my hair smells and feels great but I think it looks kind of dull :/ like my twists just don't look right!
I'm praying this will result in an awesome twistout.
--Oh and I'm not really feelin the Giovanni direct leave in either. My regular ol Moisture Maniac will do just fine.


  1. Darn, I had high hopes of trying this product but my hair holds onto moisture like life depending on it and my hair is not as thick as yours (jealous,lol!!!) so I already know this will be sitting on my head like a heaping hunk of oil. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I agree. The shea moisture line is very heavy and just sits on the hair. It easily causes buildup because of this. Also, it left my hair very dull too. Actually I used the milk, not the smoothie but I think the smoothie is even thicker. Lastly, the giovani leave in is not all that great. I easily used too much of it and then it leaves residue in your hair. I only bought it once. I agree with everything u said! Now I use my shea moisture lightly but not as a styler because its not that great to me.

  3. PS- It may b my comp, but none of ur pics showed up for me. ;o(

  4. I think I fixed it. Thanks for the heads up Skeeta!

  5. I love Giovanni Direct Leave-In, but it took a while for me to learn how to use it. I only use a quarter-sized amount for my entire head of wet hair, focusing on the ends. It might be a blessing in disguise that it doesn't work for you--I always have a hard time finding it in stores :( It sucks finding a staple product that's never in stock.

  6. Dang, I not only stocked up on Giovanni products but I also purchased this. I'm was kind of skeptical to use it anyways because my hair isn't that thick, I'll try it out over the weekend and if it just sits I'll still have enough time to DC and try something new before the work week! Thanks for the review!!


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