The kinks are back

Yup. Every last one. No heat damage ;)

Now I must decide on a winter routine.
I'm a wet set styling kind of girl and glycerine is my best friend. However most of us know that's no bueno for the colder drier months.
I'm planning to cut back on styling. I'll probably bun for the rest of this week and mini twist next week.
I'll keep those in for 3 weeks.
Then I'll flat iron again around Christmas.
I also have to fit a henna/indigo treatment in there somewhere.
Do you guys have winter hair plans?
(The style above is a braidout on damp hair. I used Qhemet olive and heavy cream and a touch of Organic Root Stimulator loc and twist gel. I'm not feelin the frizz!)



  1. Beautiful! How long did you wear it straightened?

  2. Love the kinks doll! Glad you're back with no heat damage and still full as ever!


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