My top 5 Conditioners

Here is my conditioner collection

It's really not as extensive as I thought!
There is an accompanying vid to this post and as soon as YouTube gets it's act together I'll post it.
But for are my top 5 conditioners!

Notice how they all have pumps? ;)
1. Tigi moisture maniac: moisturizes my hair like no other (except for healthy sexy hair pumpkin conditioner which is now discontinued)
2. Tigi oat and honey conditioner: smells AMAZING light protein
3. Giovanni tea trea triple treat: great for cowashing. Stimulates scalp and it's very refreshing.
4. EO lavender and aloe: SUPER slip! Great for detangling. Also good for cowashing.
5. Nexxus Humectress ultimate moisturizing conditioner: I just bought this but I'm already loving it. For now I'm using it in my deep conditioner mix.

I purchased all of these salon sized products from Marshalls.


  1. Thanks for sharing this the longer I transition-the drier my hair feels! I am looking for a good conditioner to combat that.

  2. Why have I never thought of getting conditioner at Marshall's!?? I forgot they sell hair products! Thanks for sharing, this is very helpful.


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