Bantu Knot Out Results

I decided to revisit the Bantu knot style after I trimmed my hair. I did them on dry hair, coiling and securing them in place with a Bobby pin. I slept like that overnight.
This was my result in the morning:

I knew the curls would drop, and I wasn't feeling it in it's current state so I wore it pinned up to work.

By the time I got home 9 hours later my hair was va va voom! Humidity also played a factor...notice the frizz?



  1. Those are the best Bantu-Knot Outs I have seen! Gorgeous

  2. They turned out great! Glad to have you back!

  3. Thanks! I think these are my best set yet! This style is definitely trial and error.

  4. I like it! I love bantu knots out, although it's trial and error to get the curls right... I did a similar style on peep it on

  5. I love love love your hair! I actually decided to go natural after the summer, your blog helps me come up with styling ideas and products to use!!

    Diary of a Short Girl

  6. @Temi thanks ;) I'm glad I can help!


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