Yes, I still have to detangle

This hair acts just like mine.
No relief for the weary lol. I brushed it out with a paddle brush after I spritzed with water and conditioner. I kinda like that I can still rock a fro. This look will come in handy when I don't feel like blending.



  1. Hey , I came across your blog after searching hi and low for styling option for my upcoming wedding. It will be in the rainforest during the rainy crazy. but this means there's is almost noway I am wearing my hair out. I was wondering if you can share the hair you used for your weave. I think our hair is similar. Also I am learning a lot. I wet and twist my hair every night then take it out. Is this bad? Also I hardly ever trim my ends...maybe this is why it doesn't grow. also what's this business about sealing my ends? Do explain. Thanks a lot!

  2. Hi there! The weave hair is called bohyme Brazilian wave. There is nothing wrong with retwisting every night. Whatever works for you.
    I used to do that but I got tired of doing it every night so I found other styles to wear when my twistout started looking old. As far as trimming you will definitely want to start doing that if you have split ends. Trimming won't help your hair grow, but getting rid of unhealthy ends will make your hair look and feel better.
    Sealing is basically using an oil to lock in moisture. Dry hair is a main culprit of breakage so moisturizing and sealing will protect against that. Sealing is especially important during the colder months!


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