Weave Maintenance

Hi! So as I stated in my last post, I put the weave back in this weekend. Did it myself, which is what should have went down in the first place but I digress.
Sorry to my twitter folk who thought this was my hair. LOL I did buy it though!
Okay so here is how I style this dragon.
At night: twist my leave out hair with the weave with a moisturizer and light gel.

Twist the remaining weave hair with cantu Shea butter. All done on damp hair, spritzed with water.
In the morning: spritz hair with water, apply coconut oil and fluff.

So as you can see it's very similar to my normal hair routine.
If I'm too lazy to twist at night I cowash in the morning and use kinky curly curling custard on my leave out.
Here's how that looks:

P.S. The hair I am wearing is Bohyme Brazilian wave. As some of you may recall I used this during my transition.


  1. Can you please do a post on how you did your weave? I always do mine, also. I know how to do braids and sew ins on top of cornrows, but I can't tell what you did from ur pics. Is it a sew in? Which direction did u cornrow if so? I think I'm gonna do a this in the next few weeks, I need to give my hair a rest and let it grow. Thanks in advance!

  2. OMG that looks GREAT and I definitely thought it was yours until I continued to read further LoL!!! I really want to learn how to install my own weave. I've heard great things about that hair. Do you have any recommendations of good stylist in the area that would install a similar weave?

  3. I can't recommend a stylist. Unfortunately the one I trusted ripped my hair out! I'd say try it yourself. It's definitely not hard.


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