Do you fight frizz?

I do...nearly everyday. Sometimes I don't mind it and I think it looks cool but usually it throws off my work ensemble.
It's been especially tough this summer with all the humidity.
The pic above is a braidout at the beginning of the day.
This is about 9 hours later:

Crazy right? My texture is naturally poofy so humidity just accentuates it.
I try to use products with hold and less glycerin glycerin based if I want a tamed look.
Glycerin makes my hair huge!
For this style I used garnier fructis leave in and qhemet alma and olive heavy cream on damp hair.
I honestly hadn't done a braidout in so long I forgot which products I used. I'm guessing this wasn't the right combo.



  1. I like the poofy look, I think it looks "fierce". I might even like it better than the first tamed look which looks super cute as well!

  2. A agree with above- the poofy look is kinda AWESOME! Its has no rhyme or reason and the original is obviously "styled". One of the best parts of natural hair. ;o)

  3. Some days, I just go with whatever amount of frizz that I'm dealt! I think we have the same texture so I know how frustrating it can be. I hate the lose of definition the most. Nonetheless, your hair looks great in both pics above.


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