Then & Now

Just taking a trip down memory lane lol
This is December 2009

And this is now, July 2010. Kinda cool huh?

Just noticed my hair is starting to grow down more than out.


  1. Both photos area really cute. I'm only 1 year into my hair journey and my hair already hangs donw. I just think its limp, but i really love pic #1.

  2. Both are UBER cute! Gives me hope for the future! lol

  3. your hair looks amazing.i have been natral for alitle over 3years but i don't let my hair grow out i keep it really short, sometimes tapered. and i love it. it's soo convient!!!!!!! great job.

  4. it looks great... so much growth.. and its healthy! you are officially my hair role-model



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