"Protective" Style Challenge

Hola Chickadees! I've been on a personal bunning challenge for the last few months.

Basically I wear a bun or some type of updo at least 3 days out of the week.
It's been going really well and I'm retaining growth as well.
So I've decided that it would be fun to open this up to my readers as well.
I feel it's easier to stick to your goal when you have a solid support system!
Ok so here are the rules:
Wear your hair in a protective style at least 3 days out of the week.

This could be a bun, weave, braids, twists. Twist outs and braid outs only count if your hair is above shoulder length.
Also no trimming! Let's all start with a clean slate.
No direct heat! This includes flat ironing, blowdrying and the use of a curling iron. Deep conditioning with heat is fine.
Moisturize and seal your ends with an oil or butter everyday!
Deep condition once a week.
Ok so those are the rules. I'll be updating and creating a fotki album for the challenge. I encourage you to keep some type of photo record as well. It's much easier to track your process that way :)
This challenge ends October 1st!



  1. Absolutely LOVE the weave you have!! That style looks good on you.

  2. Count me in! I was already planning on not using heat til September-ish, and I wanted to incorporate protective styling into my routine. I think I'll be doing buns 3 times a week. Good luck!

  3. omg! i have been doing this since a month ago! great minds think alike. I usually do a protective style every sunday, wear it from monday-friday, then take it out for the weekend. then I start the cycle again! that's cool. I usually do some type of twist style or something. Count me IN this challenge with you! my hair also seems to be doing really well!!

  4. I'm definitely in on this challenge. This definitely sounds doable and would make it easier to get through the work week.

  5. Sounds right up my street! Been rocking blow-outs for about two weeks and I definitely need to go back to protective styling.

    What product(s) do you use to slick it back into a bun? xx

  6. Yay! I'm so excited! Thanks for joining guys.
    @Napppynubianpoet I start on sopping wet hair. I usually leave in a bit of conditioner. Then I apply a generous amount of gel on top of that and tie my hair with a scarf. I use Moisture Maniac Conditioner and EcoStyler Gel.

  7. Girl, I am so in!!!. I have been doing all of the above for the past one month, consistently. Let's check back to see how we are doing. I am so excited

  8. I just found you but, I will love to join for jan-mar 2011, I am on a no heat for the year...


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