I'm back in mini twists.

I also did a mini trim with my twists in to remove those damn single strand knots. No more wash and gos for me! My hair just curls and shrinks up too much for all that. My ends feel so much better and I'm happy.



  1. Pretty! I was thinking of going back to mini-twists, myself. So easy/low-maintenance. I cannot stand single-strand knots and I tend to get them more with wash-and-go's, too.

  2. I still haven't figured out mini-twist. I've only done them once, but I guess I'm grabbing too much hair for each twists. But you twists look great and I love the style.

  3. Thanks! @ALLmEYEne The first set I did weren't that mini, it seems I make them smaller and smaller. You do need to pack your patience and dedicate like a whole day to it though :\


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