Mini Twists Revisited

Hiya! I'm going to fix my comments section soon. Honestly I've had this blog for years and just figured no one cared to comment lol! But really, I'm working on a new layout and everything so stay tuned.
But on to the point of this post. I decided to mini or micro twist my hair a couple weeks ago. I get inspired every time I see the style on Kinky Curly Queen. LOVE her! So seems to take longer and longer each time I do it. 6 months ago it took me about 4 hours. 3 months ago, it was 6 hours. This time...10 hours. Yes. TEN freakin hours. It honestly wasn't bad until the 8 and a half 9 hour mark. That's when the cramps set in and the exhaustion. However I was determined to finish lol. I like doing my twists on stretched or blowdried hair. The longer length makes me look less like a 12 year old. (In my opinion) I kept the twists in for 2 weeks. They swelled up so they ended up not being so micro once the humidity hit them. I still thought they were cute, but I was kinda bitter because I could have made them bigger from the start. I know my mistake though. I twisted with Qhemet AOHC which does contain glycerin. I feel like my hair has grown noticeably in those 2 weeks, and so I plan on doing them again before the summer is out. The 2nd best thing about the twists is the awesome twistout. I would have worn the twistout as a week 3 style, but I went swimming.
If you haven't tried the mini twists, give it a go. Honestly, I'm not the most patient person in the world. Get yourself a few good movies and you'll be surprised how time flies.
P.S. This is the last post from my beloved Blackberry. I'm joining team iPhone tomorrow. Its bittersweet.


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