Renpure Organics Conditioner (My Pretty Hair is Parched)

Renpure Organics Conditioner Moisturizing 13.5 oz.
I bought this conditioner during my "no-cone" days. It's not as thick as I like, but it was very moisturizing, and has great slip. It's definitely good as a co-wash conditioner or leave in. The only thing I really didn't care for was the smell. It's very fragrant. Borderline perfumey. It's suppossed to be a pomegranate scent but I didn't sniff that at all. I won't buy it again for that reason, and also the bottle is too small for my conditioner whore-ish ways lol. However I can't complain, I got it free with a mail in rebate. So it's worth a try if you can snag the same deal :)


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