Protective Styling

Howdy! Can't believe I'll be one year natural at the end of the month. The time really flew by for me.
I will be straightening this month as well for a length check and trim.
I haven't had a real trim since October. I'm bad I know. But honestly my ends don't look bad at all. I've been doing search and destroys and I rarely find splits, I more so struggle with single strand knots.
I'm what some refer to as a "loose" natural. Meaning I wear my hair in loose styles like twisouts, braid outs and puffs. This can encourage the knots to form. *shrug*
So to keep them at bay I'm doing less wash and go styling and more twists, buns and styles to protect my ends.
The bun is the only style of that sort that I truly like so its a keeper. Very happy that I can finally make a decent one! Yay for growth :)
I'm on a personal challenge to bun at least 3 times a week until August. I'll do another length check then :)


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