Hair Update!

Howdy! So as of last night I am officially back to using cones. I tried the no-cone thing and it wasn't bad but I really didn't notice that much of a difference with my hair. BUT I do believe I'm a cured product junkie. I don't feel like I need to try every product I see anymore. And...although I'm going back to cones, 90% of my products do not contain them anyway. They may be in a few of my conditioners but that's about it.
One of my main reasons for going back to the cones is that I am noticing some minor splits and breakage. I NEVER had either problem before. Yes I upped my protein but it still disturbed me. I dunno I feel like the cones may have helped protect my hair??? LOL
Anyway, I treated my hair with ApHogee 2 min Reconstructor last night. It was a big help. My hair feels so much stronger. It wasn't really weak before but now I can "feel" the strenght just by touching it. I used this product when I was transitioning and it still works well now that I'm natural. I'm going to use it once a month for added strength.
Other than that my regimin has been the same! I'm loving my hair.
I've added a ton of pics to my fotki so check it out when you get a chance
And you can catch me on youtube of course :)


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