Fros' & the Workplace

When I first went natural, wearing my hair out at work wasn't a big deal to me. Of course I was a little self concious about it at first, but I was never really concerned what "the bosses" would think.
But now as my hair grows, I'm starting to feel like it's too big to wear out! I mean I love it and all but being like the only natural hair diva in a newsroom of all places makes me feel like I need to tone it down.
However, all my co-workers seem to love it. As a matter of fact one of "the bosses" inspired me to write this post.
Okay so today, I'm really not feelin my do'. It was cute yesterday but I slept on it and it's just a frizzy mess. (to me)
So I'm walking back to my desk and she stops me...(mind you we have only talked a handful of times)
She says I've been meaning to tell you..."I really love when you wear your hair out, I think it looks so cool" Mind you this is an older conservative white woman. I said "really?! thanks lol"
She's only one of several of my bosses who have shown admiration to the fro'. So I guess I should feel a bit more comfortable with my big hair at work huh?


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