Product Haul!

Happy Saturday! I'm so glad it's the weekend. Today I decided to head to Walgreens to finally use this $50 gift card I got months ago from my uncle. I used the opportunity to buy products I've always wanted to try but not necessarily waste my money on.
I got a bunch of the Organix Conditioners because they were buy one get one free. I was under the impression that they were cone free :/ Guess I was wrong. No worries though, cones don't really bother my hair but a lot of the products that I'm using now don't contain them.
I've read great things about the Pantene Hydrating Curls and the bottle promises to make my hair 90% more curly :) LOL we'll see.
Ohh not everything pictured is from Walgreens. I ordered the Amla and Brahmi powders online. I also got some Henna and Indigo...not seen here. I've never used the Indian powders before. I'll be youtubing some recipes. I got the Vatika oil online as well. It kinda makes my scalp itch. I normally only use oils on my ends so maybe my scalp went into shock when I did that lol. Smells good though,
Had to get the Triple Nutrition Conditioner. I have tried this one before and I LOVED it. The only downside was that it came in a small bottle which did me no justice because I'm a conditioner loving whore. So when I saw this big bottle I literally squealed in the store.
I got some ouchless Goody bands. Great for puffs, I usually use a stocking but u get 12 for a dollar so I said what the heck.
I picked up a bag of hair 100 hair ties from the grocery store, They were also a dollar :D
And last but not least...a satin bonnet. I won't look sexy when I sleep but hopefully it will help preserve my twistouts.
I hope Santa brings me satin pillowcases for Christmas ;)


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