My Hair Regimen

I try to keep it simple when it comes to my hair. I've been natural now for nearly 7 months, and while my kinks, coils, and waves never cease to amaze me...I know I how to keep them happy. In my opinion this takes time and a lot of trial and error. My best advice is to keep your hair moisturized, and wear styles that protect your hair and help you retain length.
For me that involves twists, twistouts and puffs.
Typically I co-wash my hair 2 to 3 times a week with either EO Rosemary Mint Conditioner or Healthy Sexy Hair Pumpkin Conditioner.
While my hair is wet I apply my moisturizer and begin twisting. I section my hair in 4 sections and do medium sized twists in each. I usually end up with around 16. I then seal with an oil.
In the morning I take them out, fluff and go. I may spritz it with water to revive the curl because I sleep wild and some parts of my hair will be completely flat/straight.
I deep condition sometime during the weekend mixing extra virgin olive oil, rosemary essential oil, and honey to one of the conditioners I mentioned above. I'll wear a plastic cap and let it marinate for an hour or 2 before washing it out. I always section my hair in fours to ensure equal product distribution :)
I shampoo every 2 weeks or as needed.
That's it. That's really all I do. Wash, moisturize, twist, twistout, puff, repeat lol



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