Better Late Than Never

So basically I suck! LOL I wrote this post back in October but never actually uploaded it. I have a bag of excuses, but I won't use them. I know I can do better.
Anyway, I greatful for all SIX of my followers! Ya'll rock. The last time I updated I had 5, so I'm making progress. Hopefully you all will stick with me through this journey, and keep me updated on yours as well.
Ok back to the post...I straightened my hair and did a trim back in October when I returned from my bday cruise. My ends aren't bad at all but I get a ton of single strand knots. No idea why, but I hadn't cut my hair since I went natural in May so I figured it was time.

I also got a Maxiglide as a birthday gift. Very sweet of my brother, although he says he prefers my fro.
Okay so the day I straightened, I actually didn't plan to do so. I didn't blow dry my hair and all I had in it was some Kinky Curly Knot Today leave in.
So I sectioned off my hair and started in the back applying John Frieda Frizz Heat Therapy and got to work.
I was surprised at how easy it was to straighten. The last time I tried to straighten my hair with my Chi iron, it was a hot mess.
The key to a Maxiglide is to not squeeze the plates together, just let the iron "glide" down your hair. I used it on setting 8 of 10. The steam function is like magic.
I trimmed each section as I went along, cutting the single strands one by one and evening up as needed.
 I pincurled at night to get the curly styles you see above.
It lasted 5 days until it got rained on Halloween night.
 I was missing my curls anyway, AND I felt foolish running from water lol
I feel like every time I straighten I'm playing russian roulette with my curls, but all was well. No heat damage. I did do a protein treatment afterwards mixing an egg with my conditioner. Sounds gross but it really wasn't that bad. I'd do it again.


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