Walk it Out

Okay I'm sorry I've been M.I.A.!!! I've been all over the place lately. I have this Viigo newsreader on my Blackberry which I love love love! I can get all my favorite sites in once place and it updates itself automatically. Sweet right? Anywho I stumbled across this site called Barefoot Tess a super cool online shoe store with big feet women in mind. LOL don't laugh! My feet aren't that big but I do find it difficult to find shoes sometimes the size selection can be sparse if you wear over an 8. Did I mention the shoes are fab! These aren't your Granny's orthopedic shoes ladies so stand tall and stomp loud!!!


  1. GIRL, I am loving this blog! I didn't know about Barefoot Tess.com and you know I have such a hard time finding shoes with my size 11 foot! I know I am not ashamed at all, I am 5'10 after all! Keep doing it big, I'm gonna see you on E! one day!! :)


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