Killer Sandals! Ouch :(

Save your feet from torture...I swore up and down I had found the perfect summer sandal this weekend. Cute black suede with a little wedge, and a gold chain going up the middle. Well that damn gold chain is NOT my friend! I went walking all around town, enjoying the sites and weather. My feet didn't feel that bad. forward to the next morning. My poor tootsies had a blisterf from the friction with that gold chain. :( I sure can't take them back, and my money don't grow on honey had to find a solution and quick! Although I was looking for something clear, these will do the trick. They're called "Strappy Strips" they're made by Foot Petals and they protect the straps from digging into your skin. I'm definitely putting them on every pair of sandals I own. Busted feet are a no-no. You can get Strappy Strips from your local drugstore, or order them online at


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