Clutch It

Clutches are the "It" bags this season. So say goodbye to your oversized hobo's ladies...ok maybe not forever. I love big bags because they hold all my junk *sigh* but at the same time it can be major distraction to your outfit! But...I doubt if I can fit all my essentials into a know...the light hoody, lipgloss case, wallet, keys, MAC compact and depending on the weather a compact umbrella. For fashions sake I'll leave the big bag at home when I'm heading out for social purposes. I say if you're going to carry at clutch be bold with it. Eye popping colors like purple and yellow will do the trick as well as an animal print.

Here are some I found that are ultra Glam and Fab!

Pleated Clutch

Leopard & Patent

LAMB Manchester Clutch *MY Personal FAVE!*

Toxic Garden Clutch


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