Beauty Swag: Nivea Natural Tone

I believe I have the most complex skin ever. Its combination/oily and very sensitive. So finding a moisturizer that combats shine and doesn't break me out is impossible in my eyes. Oh did I mention those dark spots that never seem to fade? Darker skin has more pigmentation than other skin types. And because levels of melanin depend on race, amount of sunlight exposure and hormonal changes, the skin tends to develop hyper-pigmentation or dark spots, in the form of freckles/sun spots or splotches, when they suffer any kind of trauma.
With all that said, I had I my work cut out for me.I came across Nivea Natural Tone for face and body at CVS. It comes in a tub which is great because you can use it to the last drop! So far this stuff is heaven sent. It goes on soft as silk and my skin feels so smooth. Best of all...I'm not shiny! We'll have to wait and see about those dark spots....I'll keep you posted ;)


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